Pediatrics services offered in Stamford, CT and Rye, NY

Pediatrics services offered in Stamford, CT and Rye, NY

HQHT Pediatrics offers a comprehensive range of pediatric rehabilitation services both in office and in the home and community. If you've noticed your child struggling with day-to-day activities at home or school, such as playing catch, climbing stairs, using scissors, writing, playing with peers, engaging in daily self care tasks or communicating their wants and needs, they may benefit from our expertise. Issues with fine or gross motor skills, motor coordination, speech and language, social skills or sensory processing can lead to delays in developmental milestones, potentially hindering academic success and independence down the road. Our team of dedicated professionals is here to help.

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At HQHT Pediatrics, we understand the unique challenges children face and we're committed to providing the highest quality care to address their needs. Our multidisciplinary approach means that we offer a wide range of therapeutic services including Speech & Language therapy, Social-Cognitive therapy, Occupational therapy, Physical therapy, Executive Functioning therapy, Social Skills Group, Interoception work, Sensorimotor therapy, Therapeutic summer sessions and more. With our convenient location and beautiful space in Stamford, we strive to make accessing our services as easy as possible for families in the area. We also offer some services in the home or community depending on the needs of your child and family.


When you bring your child to HQHT Pediatrics, you can expect that they will receive personalized care in a nurturing and playful atmosphere. Our well-equipped facilities are designed to facilitate your child's progress and development.  Our talented team strives to make sure that you and they feel comfortable and supported throughout the therapeutic journey. From infancy through adolescence, we work with clients to improve their motor and language skills, independence with daily life activities and important self-care tasks.


Our pediatric occupational therapists specialize in addressing a wide range of challenges, including coordination and motor planning, neurological disorders, visual-motor skills, developmental disabilities, sensory processing disorder, decreased strength, social-emotional regulation, torticollis, feeding difficulties, fine motor difficulties, play skills and executive dysfunction. Through targeted interventions and evidence-based techniques, we help children overcome obstacles and reach their full potential.


Our pediatric speech-language pathologists are dedicated to helping children overcome communication challenges that may be impacting their social lives, relationships and academic performance. Whether your child is struggling with early language delays, receptive and expressive language disorders, pragmatic/social language disorders, literacy/written language disorders, articulation/phonological disorders, apraxia of speech, stuttering or executive functioning difficulties, we're here to help them develop the most effective and efficient language and communication skills possible.


If you are concerned about your child's physical development, our pediatric physical therapists can provide targeted interventions to improve motor skills, strength, range of motion, balance, coordination, and gait skills. If your child needs support recovering from an injury or managing a congenital diagnosis, our physical therapy team is here to help.


At HQHT Pediatrics, we believe in a team approach and collaboration with the family and other providers and educators. We believe in empowering children to reach their full potential while fostering independence and promoting active involvement in their home, school, and community environments. Our holistic approach to pediatric rehabilitation ensures that every aspect of your child's development is addressed, leading to positive outcomes and lasting lifelong success.