Dylan Viscardi, EP

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Dylan Viscardi

Dylan Viscardi, exercise physiologist

Dylan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science and Medical Humanities, with a concentration in Nutrition from The College of Charleston. With a strong passion for Sports Medicine, Dylan embarked on a career in Exercise Physiology.

As an exercise physiologist, Dylan has the privilege of channeling his deep-seated commitment to optimal health and performance. In 2023, he brought together his dedication to exercise and knowledge of physical rehabilitation when he joined the High Quality Home Therapy team. Dylan's role at High Quality Home Therapy is not merely a profession, but a vocation. His compassion for others, coupled with his integrated approach to physical rehabilitation, has consistently delivered remarkable results. 

Dylan brings with him a positive approach to health and wellness, which results in improvement of quality of life. His creative and functional approach to physical activity and wellness shines and his patients love him for it. You will too if you get to work with him!